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How To Sew A Sequin Halter Tulip Mini Dress

redesignyourclothes-halter-tulip-dress5redesignyourclothes-halter-tulip-dress3redesignyourclothes-halter-tulip-dress4redesignyourclothes-halter-tulip-dress1Happy New Year! In this video, I show you how to sew this sexy sequin halter tulip mini dress. All you need is your favorite holiday fabric and you can sew up this dress for your New Year Eve party. Watch down below

Items used in this tutorial:

-2 Yards of Sequin fabric 54″ wide
-2 Yards of interlock stretch lining fabric 60″ Wide
-Straight Ruler
-Push Pins
-Hip Curve Ruler
-Pencil or Marker
-Sewing Machine
-Dress Form
-Open Teeth Zipper


One thought on “How To Sew A Sequin Halter Tulip Mini Dress

  1. hola me encanta tu pagina soy venezolana y me encanta la costura como puedo obtener los patrones para realizarlo.

    un beso


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